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Audience Voting for Parliamentary Events

Live-Tally is a wireless electronic voting solution for use in live events with parliamentary motions and elections. It combines class-leading wireless RF keypad technology with an innovative software solution to help you move efficiently through the voting process. The system eliminates the need for tedious and time consuming ballot counting by instantly tabulating the results and displaying them on screen. Live-Tally also creates a continuous log of all events relating to your motions and elections and provides robust reporting of both group and individual voting activity.

  • Familiar keypad interface makes it easy for participants.
  • Ability to assign keypads to specific individuals.
  • Supports participant voting weights.
  • Ability to pre-configure motions and elections according to the agenda.
  • Work in real-time, reacting to events as they unfold.
  • Easily handle parliamentary procedures like seconding, amendments and tabling motions.
  • Options to allow abstentions and control how they are calculated.
  • Configure pass requirements such as simple majority, two thirds or unanimous vote.
  • Use a countdown timer to speed things along.
  • Automatic runoff elections that allow you to drop candidates and vote again.
  • Participants can select multiple candidates for elections with multiple vacancies.
  • Option to display individual participant voting.
  • Display the results live as votes are cast or hold the result until the vote has been completed.
  • Option to show a list of participants that have not yet voted.
  • Special “Presentation View” allows multiple displays to show different levels of detail.
  • Each USB transceiver supports up to 500 voting keypads.
  • Multiple transceivers can be used to support large audiences.