1: Does the software integrate with PowerPoint?
No. Live-Tally is a stand-alone Windows application. We offer another product, Keypoint Interactive, that integrates seamlessly with PowerPoint.
2: Can I order my system with a different amount of keypads?
Yes. Any sized system can be configured. Just give us a call or send us an email to request a quotation.
3: Can I install Live-Tally on more than one PC?
Yes, you can install Live-Tally on as many computers as you need.
4: What is the range of the keypads?
The keypads are rated at a range of 300 feet indoors. Many things can impact RF performance and actual range may vary.
5: How do the keypad responses get into the PC?
Live-Tally keypads utilize patented radio frequency from Fleetwood Electronics Group. During our 25 years of audience response experience, we have come to believe that the Fleetwood Group technology is by far the most robust and reliable architecture available.
6: Can I see how it works before I buy?
Absolutely! Just contact us to request an online demo.
7: Does Live-Tally work on a Mac?
No. Live-Tally currently supports all modern Windows desktop operating systems. This includes Windows XP (SP3) through Windows 10. In order to use Live-Tally on your Mac, you need a virtualization program like Parallels or VMWare Fusion.